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Alright, so maybe I'm not heroic, but I'm pretty darn good at what I do.

I've always admired people who want to share their lives over the web, such as Rebekah Jude, and Chaos. My life is not nearly as exciting as either of theirs, but I decided I'd go ahead and try writing a little daily journal myself.

Maybe I should start off by giving you the names of some of the players in the play called my life.
Sarah:My wife, affectionately referred to as Princess.
Travis:President of my frat, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and one of my best friends. Known around campus as T-Dawg.
Mat:One of my brothers; also known as PT. Does a lot of stupid things.
Forrest:The man with the colorful name, musician extraordinaire, Forrest Green is the man. Another of my brothers, doesn't really have a nickname.
Brothers:My fraternity in general.
Chris:My fraternity son. He's a fairly neurotic, sophomore, directing major. I love that kid. I like to call him cameraman, because of his almost ever present camera.
Dr. Ilan Glasman:This year's choir director. He's an interesting person, and I really have no major problems with him. Dr. G's a pretty cool guy.
Scott S.:The Trumpet Player. 'Nuff Said.
Scott H.:Thunderlips, the foremost Wrestling historian that I've ever met. I think he has more wrestling videotapes than I do general videotapes. That's something to be proud of.
Wendy:The boss lady. She's really cool. Referred to as boss lady.
The Big Guy:Another one of my co-workers. Used to own his own sports bar, now he bartends at the hotel.
Funny Guy:That would be yet another co-worker. My first night, he taught me the sunrise, a non alcoholic concoction that tastes great.
Jodster:She trained me on my current job, kind of. Not really. She just kinda watched while I did what came naturally. Then she said, "okay, I think you're ready."
The Other Guy:The guy I've gotten to know probably the best. He's kind of cool, but there's really no good way to describe him.


One line or two?

Life's funny, ya know. One minute you're sittin' around, watchin' tv, and then three minutes later, you're called into the bathroom, to figure out whether the pregnancy test is showing one or two lines. I guess I should explain. The Princess has been sick lately. She hasn't had much of an appetite, and she's been kind of blah all the time. Well, come of her coworkers said that it sounded like she was pregnant. They've had babies, the Princess hasn't, so she decided to check it out. I went to Wally World (Wal-Mart) yesterday, and got her an EPT test. Well, if the test is negative, then it shows one line. If it's positive, it shows two lines. Well, she did the test, and then asked me if I thought it was two lines, and it was very definitely two lines. So, we decided we'd go to a clinic and find out for sure. It's for sure. I've been telling a lot of people, and it's really cool. I can't wait to be a dad.

In other news, I've been doing a lot of photography. On Tuesday night, I took my camera to work, and took some pictures of the hotel. They'll be up here eventually. Well, while I was taking pictures of Beethoven's, the piano bar at the hotel, I got to talking to the Jodster, and the Boss Lady, the Boss Lady asked me if I wanted to learn how work Beethoven's. Now, if I had been in a wrestling mood, I would've given her an "Oh hell yeah," but I didn't. I did however teach her what a crotch taunt is. I digress. So it has been decided that once I get back from Denver after Christmas, I will train on Beethoven's. I'm excited.

Well, I think that's about it. Talk to you later. To the top.


Optometric Politicians:

The Princess worked overnight on Wednesday, so when she came in to go to bed at 9:30 am, she woke me up, and I was up for the day. Which was fine. We talked for a little while, and that was cool. I really miss getting to be with her as much as we used to, but that's the way things go, right? Well, I went to school about 11:30, and checked email for about fifteen minutes, then went to Concert Choir. Concert Choir was interesting. Dr. G decided that instead of working on Elijah, we'd listen to our concert from the weekend. That was okay, except on the piece that the Trumpet Player played. He had kind of a bad performance, and was not happy with himself. Oh yeah, and the cameraman went off on some basses who were being obnoxious. We walked over to the Pube together, and had a little lunch. Towards the end of lunch, Dr. G made an appearance, and he asked if it was okay if he sat with us. I said that I guessed it was okay, so he did. But I only stayed for about five minutes after that, and I ended up going to the Lambda Chi wing, and hanging out with Nick,also known as PapSmear then Forrest, then Thunderlips. Then, it was off to check email again. After that, I went home. The Princess was hungry, and so was I, so we had mexican take out. Not Taco Bell, but Hacienda Las Glorias. Authentic Mexican. Muy bueno. After we ate, I took a shower and went to work. While I was in the shower, I was singing Cherry Poppin' Daddies, and the Princess thought it would be a good idea to sneak in on me, and make fun of me, because she could hear me. So, she stood on the toilet and looked over the top of the shower, and I freaked out. Then she decided to mock me. I love that girl. Work was fun. Optometrists and politicians drinking free liquor together, and tipping very well. I worked the party for about 1 hour and forty five minutes, and made around 20 dollars in tips. That was cool, add that to my 7 dollars an hour, and that's a nice sum for 2 hours work. And I deserved it. They were running me ragged. Nothing really difficult, except the beer. I had a retarded bottle opener, and I cut myself on bottle caps several times. Then, when it was over, I cleaned up, then floated around a little, helping everyone out. As I was leaving, the Boss Lady got a call that some people with a certain grocery store's Christmas party had contraband. I.e. they had brought from outside the hotel. That is a no-no. So, the Boss Lady told me as I was leaving to have a good night, now she was going to go have some fun making people mad. She's funny. I got home in time to talk to the Princess for ten minutes, give her the car keys and tell her to have a nice night. Well, that's about it.

Quote of the day: "You're a good man."
One gentleman in the party who then gave me a five dollar tip.

That's all.
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