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What can I get for ya?

My name is Wayne, and I'm the assistant bartender here at the Blue Martini. Th fact that I'm the assistant is not to say that I'm not good, but David is better. At this point, we've got a very limited drink menu, but what we've got is delicious. Most of the recipes are originals, and if you really want to know the recipe, I can tell you all about it, including some of the interesting tidbits about our originals.

First off we've got the classics:

The Pina Colada.

The Colorado Bulldog.

The dry Martini

The ScrewDriver

And our house specials:

The Santa Maria.

Princess' Pleasure.

And of course, the Blue Martini.

For a complete list of our bar stock, including histories of said liquors, go to the back bar.

Well, that's all for now.

Go back to the door.