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Welcome to the MWCW Quote area. Here I will post some of the best, worst, and funniest statements that the stars of Midwest Championship Wrestling have had to offer in the past few months.

(I don't care if you think I'm biting Instant Karma or not, I'll do what I like, when I like.)

Sam "The Hammer" Martinez:

You’d think he’d want to head for the back and have a seat after all those gorditas. His own little Runs from the border.-On Ricochet's propensity for eating at Taco Bell.



Grant Green:

All those that remember me let me see those hands.. Get that hand up karma, it hasn't been that long!-On his lasting fame.

Iron Eagle:

Perhaps I shall be merciful and terminate your career before your mediocre performances swell your head!-On having to wrestle Grant Green

Instant Karma:

I'll take on our beloved commissioner, the Natural, the only man better than Starr at ducking me. That's right buddy - you and I have flown in the same circle for years, but you always manage to stay a few feet away from me. Not any longer, daddy - this time it's a given.-On the fact that Kyle Alexander has never fought him.

Kyle Alexander:

Eagle does have a bit of an anal fetish, but I don't wanna go there.-On the prize to the winner of the Total Chaos tournament.

Grant Green:

Sayings like "Sex can wait, masturbate" were funny about two years ago, when your entire gimmick and most of your "Ingenious lines" were on "Saturday Night Live."-On Biff and Bunny.


You know, that action is amazing... you can tell he plays golf. A bit wristy, maybe, but applies the maximum force to the subject.-On Dr. Darrin Heart's ability to swing a chair.

Iron Eagle:

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN GRIEG IS NORWEGIAN? FIRE that DAMN Amerikaner who dares call himself my entertainment director and turn this garbage off!"-On classical music.

The Hammer:

His sorry ass rigged up the pyro for one lousy interview in an EMPTY ARENA?-On Shaman

Dennis Lasombra:

Ha ha ha...Good, that jack ass deserves a pay cut...He's been over rated since the first time I saw him wrestle back in INWI....-On Mike Sebastian

Mike Sebastian:

I suggest you stay tuned, kiddo. 'Cuz you better believe, flapjack, there's a hell of a lot more where that chairshot and torch-job of your alma mater came from.-On his feud with Biff


You don't see Billy Smith winning world championships do you?-On sportsmanship.


Bigg Easy spends so much time on his back he should have a pimp. –On ACW #1 Contenders.


What is the loserdor doing here?-Biting my nickname for Ricochet

DT Richman:

Kyle Alexander showed that he has more brains than I gave him credit for-On our esteemed commissioner.


Ethics shmethics.-On Quicksilver.


Collin Mauser, Yeah you PAL! I'm gonna Wizzer your hide into Texas prairie you've snuck in from.-On Collin’s request for Ox to wrestle again.

Money Driven-

I suggest you blow in Bunny's ear and give her a refill, and hope she can crank out something a bit more fail safe for ya. –On Biff’s planning.


No wonder they call it the Falling Star. Looks like all he did was jump and hope he hit something.-On Dylan Collins’ finisher.


Don't bait them. This crowd looks like they had to stop stripping cars to come here tonight.-On the Terrordome Crowd


I just forgot my name.-On Margo’s choice of clothing.


Maybe they couldn't score with the cheerleaders at High School? –On why HAD 2001 is so mean.