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Dr. Darrin Heart Merchandise

The Heartbreaker T-Shirt
Dr. Heart's Medical bag.
Dr. Heart Life Size Cutout

The Heartbreaker T-Shirt
*The camera comes up on Dr. Darrin Heart wearing a t-shirt with a broken heart on the front. He addreses the camera.*

"Ladies and girls, for the first time ever, get your very own, Dr. Darrin Heart T-Shirt."

*He spins around and the back has a screen print of his face, along with the words, "The Heartbreaker" He looks back towards the camera, and states...*

"Because you all know that you want me on your body."

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Dr. Heart's Medical Bag

Now you can own your very own medical bag, just like the one that the Heartbreaker carries to the ring. It's useful for keeping anything in, and even comes with the broken heart, Dr. Heart's official seal of approval. So, don't live with heartbreak, get yours today.

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Lifesize Stand Up Cutout of Dr. Heart

Ladies, is your man leaving you a little cold? When you look at him, do you think of him as the catch of the day, or just another cold fish? Well, forget that man, because you can finally have what you've dreamed of. What woman wouldn't love a life sized, stand up cut-out of the Heartbreaker himself, Dr. Darrin Heart. This 6'2" tall hunk of cardboard is just what you need to get your fantasies all revved up.

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